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Will romantic hubbies attempt KKK?

06, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Do we obtain original television serials? Of course, it is not as such. The viewers are obliged to watch programmes more or less inspired by the foreign platforms. Big Boss, Kaun Banega Crorepati, Dance shows and Khatron Ke Khiladi are all somewhere derived from overseas starting places. These programmes are so produced as to easily attracting the viewers. Some indigenous inputs are surely mixed into the original versions in order to present them with a different tint. If we take into talk a recently concluded television programme KKK, the general viewers took an intense interest because of its fear contents.

All those strong-bodied contestants who attended into that risky stunt supported programme possessed extreme self-confidence and fearlessness. As they remained aware of the very peril professionally conceived into such action based plot in the foreign location, it was realised how the participants performed the terrifying stunts at the show location in distant Spain under the direction of an able stunt master. The fear factor was dominating over every stunt given to the competitors. The shrieks, the pains and the tears were amply visible during the whole course of the competition.

All those appeared in that painful programme showed their willpower in completing the precarious stunts in accordance with their respective enduring restraints. It was also found that competitors’ spouses were also present as a partner in certain selected stunts. It was a little bit odd for the bewildered spectators how the TV artistes habitual of acting soft roles in different serials waded energetically into completing the stunts up to the finishing point in the stipulated shorter time. It was now being expected with much inquisitiveness that the fearless or unafraid hubbies who try to find time of hushed conversation with their girlfriends while resting with their vigilant spouses in the wee hours, would be thinking of taking part in the next year’s episode of the KKR on some fascinating site.