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Wife tries set gain past godly fast

09, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Was it not a peculiar way to check the side-effects of the purely indigenous ‘Karwachauth Ka Vrat’? The contended wife’s attempts to put in her hubby’s finger into the two-pin plug hole were worth discourteous merely for ascertaining her fast’s effect on her husband’s life. She told him to not to worry much by her act as it is being done to check something vital. Nonetheless, the sensible husband was quite aware of the upshot of inserting a finger into the plug hole. The assertive wife was bent upon putting the husband’s right hand’s first finger into the power point hole.

This was nothing painful for you, further stated the wife adding that you could have knocked me over with a feather if the passing electric current happens to vibrate you forcefully. “But, why should I do it if I know the consequences”, insisted the irritated husband. When she could not stop her impulse for realising the intensity of the electric current’s jolt after placing a finger into the plug socket, she maintained that it would confirm the veracity of the fast. She might have been thinking perhaps that her fast would save her husband from a few hundred volts’ shake. A monotonous sound was by and by increasing in volume.

Following her humming, hawing and chatting about confusing things, the husband observed of her mind taking a topsy-turvy turn.  The husband’s enquiring gaze seemed to make her a little uneasy. However, she was still unfeeling.  She was not quite a shining light in the family. She was a little imprudent and harsh in manner. They appeared to be making a comedic pair. There was no attraction of opposites as risk and safety were alarming them. She was not the kind of a social butterfly though he was also not a recluse.