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Wife returned quickly with rattling reply

06, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Whatsapp is an instant medium of conversation between two or more people. They can be either relatives or friends or any like-minded individuals. The two people stay online in accordance with their convenience. Their talks can be shorter or longer. It depends on their endurance. Some try to continue for a little longer while there are others who complete their discussion in a few words.

It is generally found that the girls and the wives prefer this medium thoroughly. Though they are also using Facebook, they keep on changing the sites over and over again. Whenever they find themselves free from household chores or busy schedules, they do not forget to make use of this easily available popular domain.

Moreover, it has also been experienced that some of the husbands finding time from their office work exchange talks with their wives. Though it is certainly not widely used exercise, it stays in a practical way as the gazers point out. This might be limited to newly married couples. This is so because they are more drawn towards each other in their selected celebratory days.

One such husband posted a message to his wife from the office. The wife being alone at the flat quickly read the message going thus: “Panchhi Bunoo Uddta Phhirou Mast Gagan Mein.” Well-read wife understood the inherent meaning of the line quoted from some famous Hindi movie. At the same time, she was quite practical in life too. She began to consider in her active mind what could be its fitting reply.

She decided if her husband was a little bit romantic, she should act like Tulsidas’ wife. She wrote her comment in a different way. It was: “Dharti Par Utarte Hi Dhania Lana Apne Bhawan Mein.”  The husband realised the essence of married life straightforwardly and acted accordingly.