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Why Parvesh Rana could not learn from 'Emotional Atyachar'?

15, Sep 2013 By Avichal Singh

Dekho, seekho aur bacho‘ is the tagline being repeatedly used by the Emotional Atyachar Anchor Pravesh Rana to exhort youngsters not to involve in any kind of relationship quickly and then get cheated.

But then why did Bigg Boss runner-up Parvesh Rana fall into a shaky relationship despite watching, in fact anchoring, all the episodes of ‘Emotional Atyachaar’

According to a few crew members of the TV show ‘Emotional Atyachar’ Rana was visiting a psychiatrist and taking some treatment for the last three months. He told the director and producers of the show that due to hectic schedules, he was not getting enough time to spend with his jat firends and therefore he was losing all his sense of humour.

When Rana asked to reduce shooting time from eight hours a day to four hours a day, the director of the show reprimanded him for not being able to manage his time and suggested to leave the show with immediate effect.

However, his close mates on the set of ‘Emotional Atyachar’ have confirmed that Rana was in a relationship with a Mumbai based girl, who was having couple of other affairs simultaneously. And therefore, Rana was visiting a psychiatrist as he could not cope up with the mental trauma after realizing the truth about his first ever girl friend.

Rana’s close friend, who wished not to reveal his name, has confirmed that the Prachi Desai (name changed) has been in a relationship with Emran Hasmi (name changed) and Ajay Devgan (name changed) before coming into Rana’s life.

Rana and Desai entered into a relationship on January 4th. It was love at first sight for him, says Rana’s friend.

Rana met Desai on new year’s party in Mumbai, where she came with her ex boyfriend Emran Hasmi but she introduced him as his brother as he was almost numb and dumb due to excessive drinking and then vomiting.

She sought Rana’s help to take Emran to the parking lot.

Then and there Rana fell in love with Desai and decided to proceed ahead, Rana’s friend said.

Rana wanted to marry Desai on her birthday ie September 12, 2013 but before he could make her his better half, he got to know about her previous affairs with Devgan and Hashmi.

Rana had seen couple of intimating photographs of Desai with Devgan on Devgan’s FB profile. Being a gentle man , Rana, without making any fuss about it, asked Desai to explain all. However, the clever lady with crocodiles tears in her eyes explained Rana that Devgan was her ex-boyfriend and now their relationship is over and she didn’t tell Rana about this earlier because she don’t want to recall his name in any way.

Well, once again Rana was trapped and started to liking Desai again. But now the nation wants to know, why did Parvesh Rana could not save himself from a trap when he himself counsel others.

Some Reactions:

Pyaar aandha hota hai babu boshaye….. ‘I hate tears Pushpa’ because when Pushpa cries I have to agree on anything– Late Rajesh Khanna

Dekhiye bhaiya pyaar to jo ha pyaaar hota hai ab aaj is se hai kal us se parso kisi aur se…. ab jo hai pyaar to pyaar hai kabhi bhi kisi se ho sakta hai haaye… to pyaarr kea age sab bekaar hai: Big B

See, in this situation, Rana is actually fine but the problem started with Ajay Devgan because he should not have get into a relationship with Prachi Desai at first place because the root of this relationship was weak as you know Devgan, who is already in a relationship infact he is a married man so he is cheating on his wife and then he is cheating on Prachi and then he is cheating the entire film industry and then he is cheating on his fans and then the whole of the nation is being cheated and then… Contd – Amir Khan

(We apologize for not publishing full version of this comment as our editor did not allow us to publish more than this. But Amir’s reaction was eight times longer than this story.)

By: Avichal Singh and Tanuj K Singh