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Wedding scuffs a lot yet goes on

07, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In order to be a responsible and caring human being one adult marries a woman though same-gender marriages are also making out in the wide world.

But, it is far better to talk about the most recognised man-woman wedding in our civil society.

Even the eligible bachelors show aversion to timely marriage because of their unemployment scourge. Their actions were always not done with a moderate amount of contemplation. Certainly, most of the unmarried adults would be agreed at this unambiguous aspect.

Experiences intensify with the married state, that is why it often repeated, shaadi wo ladoo hai, jo khaye wo bhi pachchtaye aur jo na khaye wo bhi pachchtaye.

Side by side, there is another very solid hypothesis which runs in the minds of the bachelors prominently.

Anyone can say anything while criticising the institution of marriage at one point in time, however, it is obviously not long after there are showered praises for this traditionally accepted custom.

Modern skill attacks over this convention because it is directly linked with the population explosion while old-fashioned gentry denies this useless notion as vehemently as they can possibly do.

In between these two, just opposite thoughts there arises another point which is fairly comical to a greater extent.

This different view exemplifies that the simple yet pricey marriage is such a horrible slap which lets immediate application of the medicinal turmeric ointment prior to the impending mental and physical pain it is directly going to provide to at least one male and one female at the start.

A complete ritual known as haldi ki rasm for applying this balm extracted from a yellowish kind of tilted sticks is prevalent.

It appears that the family members are overjoyed at a person falling into the way of the painful experience for the whole of the life.