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Warner Brothers to co-produce three films with Yash Raj

10, Jan 2014 By sourodip3

The talk of the tinsel town is not that AAP may form government at the centre but that Hollywood studios has finally started to take Bollywood films seriously.

Warner Bros
Illusioned by YRF.

If buzz is to be believed Warner Brothers has joined hands with Yash Raj Films for a three film deal to be co-produced by Warner Brothers and YRF. What’s more, the film will be dubbed in both Hindi and English and will be distributed internationally. Our sources also suggest that it would be multi starter film stating both Hollywood and Bollywood stars in leading roles although nothing has been finalized yet.

But what prompted one of the biggest studio in Hollywood to tie up with a Bollywood studio like Yash Raj? Brace yourselves because if rumour is to be believed, Hollywood counterparts has been bowled over by the sheer brilliance of some of the  recent Bollywood movies including  Krrish 3 , Chennai Express, and Dhoom 3 so much that they want to co –produce movies just to learn the finer nuisances of film making from Bollywood.

Says a spokesperson of Warner Brothers, “Bollywood has showed us that you can make any movies a success just by having a superstar, some song and fight sequence and releasing it during a major festival. A major breakthrough in film making I must say.’’ He adds, “We have much to learn from Bollywood in terms of romance, song, drama,emotion and coping from other films. Take the instant of Dhoom 3. The idea taken fromThe Prestige has been bought to absolute perfection so much so our team at WB jumped from their seat in disbelief when the twist in the tale was revealed before the interval.’’

A proud Aditya Chopra was in tears as he uttered these words, “This deal is my new year’s gift to my brother Uday Chopra for his outstanding performance in Dhoom 3.” Our reporter who incidentally has seen the film had to take ten saridon and digene after taking the interview with Aditya Chopra just to be alive. Now we know where the overflowing sibling love in Dhoom 3 came from.

Ask what are the kind of films that they have in mind and Aditya Chopra responds, “The essence of every film is same for me. Thooda sa emotion, thoda sa drama, thoda sa nach-gaana and kabhi kabhi action’’.

One can hardly deny given the fact YRF has been churning out movies following the same desi formula and taking home billions of rupees into their account for decades. He goes on saying, “These are the basic fundamental pillars of filmmaking. Who cares about what film to make as long as there is stars in it? Shahrukh nehi to Salman bhai ko le lenge. Fir dekhte hai hit kaise nehi hota film. WB ane se ab to humare pass Caprio se lekar Brad ka bhi option hai.’’

What can Faking News say after such a kind of statement? Only time can tell whether YRF-WB production will be a hit but as of now we won’t judge you If you reach for Saridon in your drawer now.