Thursday, 21st September, 2017

Vidya Balan to Get a No Award Certificate

27, Jan 2013 By anubhav

After a string of back to back awards under her kitty, Vidya Balan has apparently been issued a ‘No Award Certificate’, by Jitesh Pillai, Editor of Filmfare. This decision has come under the scanner after a number of A list bitchy actresses decided to form a rally.

“They were fuming over Vidya’s hat trick of awards and feared that she’ll bag all the awards in the future as well.  So they went to Jiteshji with this clause, threatening to not attend Filmfare awards in future if it’s not implemented”, said a source, on condition of anonymity.

“Fart Dust, Filmfare’s rival magazine gives the award to every second person who attends their show. So why should we give importance to Filmfare?” asked Farah Khan, who won the ‘Best Actress’ award in Fart Dust after some negotiations.

These ‘Actresses’ are however feeling better now following Miss Balan’s marriage. Our sources also claim that advance bookings for next year’s award will start this month itself, after this outburst of the leading ladies. It remains to be seen though who makes the highest bid.

Filmfare has also planned to introduce new categories to their awards, so that very few go empty handed.  This news has gone down well with the likes of Tushar Kapur, Vivek Oberoi and Jackie Bagnani.

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan was reported to be dancing with joy. Last heard, Vidya Balan was added to the facebook group ‘Filmfare Awards My foot‘ of which Ajay Devgn and Aamir himself are supposedly admins.

– Anubhav Shrivastava