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Veteran actor abruptly stops tweeting on socio-political issues, after he runs out of vodka

15, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Veteran Bollywood actor Krishi Kapoor shocked his fans, critics and haters yesterday night when after 237 back to back tweets on socio political issues in the evening he suddenly stopped tweeting at around 23:35 Hrs IST. Worried fans waited for 5 minutes and then filled his twitter timeline with repeated questions and concerns. But they did not receive any replies until 03:30 AM in the morning when Krishi was back online and informed that his Vodka actually ran out and hence he could not tweet. It actually took good 4 hours for his bodyguard to procure new bottles, and after consuming a few pegs he resumed his incisive commentary on Indian politics.

Later while talking to media during a page-3 party event Krishi explained that night’s events in detail:

The follower anxiously waiting for the actor's tweet
The follower anxiously waiting for the actor’s tweet

Arre yaar kambakht daaru hi khatam ho gayi thi, what could have I done? I just can’t think anything while I am sober. Till the time I have alcohol up in my brain I can tweet fluently. Like yesterday night I was able to tweet incisively about what NaMo should be doing on foreign policy, about black buck case verdict, about Amma release, about how RaGa is the leader we need and about how beautiful actresses are not shedding enough clothes these days.”, Krishi sharply said.

He further continued, “So I had touched upon all major issues in the country, but as soon as the affect of my vodka started going down I started tweeting garbled text. I then found out that my stock of Vodka was also over. Ab apne ko desi to chalti nahi, I need foreign liquor. I immediately told my bodyguard Uday to get a few bottles from anywhere possible. It took almost 4 hours for that moron to fetch some good quality vodka. Hence the delay in my tweets, else I had planned to solve almost 95% of country’s problems that day.” – Krishi told media-persons.

Just after this Krishi suddenly started saying garbled sentences which did not make much sense. He was then escorted by a waiter to the nearest bar where he consumed a few whiskey based cocktails and again started fluently interacting with other guests at the party.

Krishi later also wrote an apology tweet to his fans for his badly written tweets earlier while he was sober and also for the 4 hour delay in tweets which caused anxiety and worry amongst his die-hard followers on twitter. To compensate for this pain to his fans the 65-years old actor also promised to shortly post his topless selfies on twitter, a news which sent a wave of excitement among his fans and lovers.