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Vegetables to protest against bollywood directors to get good roles

20, Sep 2014 By jatinhumbal

As per report, association of vegetables and fruits are very disappointment over the roles they are offered in the bollywood movies from many years and likely to protesting against the directors of Hindi movies to get some quality roles.

As community said, they are working in bollywood movies from decades and they are always ignored and thrown by bollywood heroes and sometimes villains too in some ridiculous fight scenes and now there is anti incumbency against the directors in community and they are likely to fight for justice.

President of the community Mr. tomato told our reporter, “We have always been a part of most of bollywood movies, but they always offered us same role and no respect was shown for our veople (people) and we have always been thrown by some actors (refused to mention names in public). Now enough is enough, we will start protesting against it and will fight for our rights to get some good roles in movies and are asking movie directors for apologies”.

Meanwhile community of popcorn also gave signals; they may join this protest as they have also bee suffering from same issues.

Bollywood director Ram Gopal Verma  is thinking of making a movie on these protests and is likely to cast some vegetables for same. However community of vegetables find this offensive and say they may include one more demand with the protests, ie: ‘to ban Ram Gopal Verma from directing the movie.’

“Yehi to scam hai,” said Mr. Kejriwal when asked about protest.