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Vaccine which will cause kids to forget "Johnny johnny yes papa" will be available soon

08, Nov 2014 By abhishekkunal

A bizarre incident happened yesterday morning, when a kid suddenly started singing a poem which was not “Johny johny yes papa”. The incident left spectators highly shocked and speechless for few minutes. The person who was present at the spot was barely holding his tears while talking about the incident.


The most convincing explanation was offered by film trade analyst Taran Adarsh, he said that, the kid might have watched the film  Happy New Year, the film with tons of cliches and brain damaging contents caused the kid’s brain to undergo a mutation. Needless to say, the kid was able to understand every single frame of the film, which highly agitated his neurological system, and eventually revolted in it’s own way.

Ironically, the most popular and the most sung poem by Indian kids has become one of the most frustrating cliches too. Traditionally, family friends and  relatives have been the prime and easy targets, who are forced to listen this very same poem on their every single visit. Mr. Ashok Dhingra , a resident of Kolhapur, says, he disconnects phone calls the very same moment when somebody on the other side asks some kid to talk with me, as I know, the kid will eventually be asked to sing “Johny johny”.  On being asked, how do you respond when they ask the reason of disconnecting the call, he chuckled and said, I just pretend as if it was some common network problem.

In an indirect admission to the existing problem, Ministry of Human Welfare has asked the researchers to develop a vaccine from the blood sample of the kid. This vaccine will form a shield around the brain if somebody teaches this poem, and in case the kid tries to learn it on his/her own, it will start giving mild electric shocks until the kid speaks out loud “I give up, I give up”.

The philosophy and working of this vaccine closely resembles with the smartphone which automatically ends the call if the person says “aur batao” for more than 3 times.Government of India has asked the Department of Demography to count all such children who were not vaccinated and were yet able to not learn this poem, such children would be recognized as mutants, and will be requested to donate some amount of their blood to ensure that country has sufficient stock of the vaccine to contain this prolonged epidemic.