Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

UP govt announce Dhak-Dhak scholarship for promoting Indian art and culture

10, Jan 2014 By somesanityplz

Bollywood style dance will be top teaching style from now on at Shri Ram Centre for Arts and Culture  (SRC). Seeing the definition of Indian art and culture at Saifai Mahotsava directors of SRC realized that over the years they were misguiding Indians by promoting various folk and classical art forms.

Considering it’s never too late to amend, they have advised everyone at SRC to start learning lachka and Dhaka of Bollywood. Some cultural pundits also proposed that Rakhi Sawant, Mrs. Nene, and Sallu bhai should be recognised as ambassadors of Indian culture. There are talks of organising a world tour for promoting Indian culture and arts (read Bollywood).

Under Mr. Yadav supervision, a committee will form to organise various festival across the India for promotion of Indian art. There will be a special budget for conducting these festivals and remaining change from this budget will further be used in development of heart hospitals.

Following the footsteps of SRC, government of UP also decided to start Dhak-Dhak scholarship for budding artist in UP. After Loksabha 2014 this scholarship will go national said Mr. Yadav in recent snap chat.  Minto who is selling bhutta (corn cob)  from last 20 years in front of Mandi house is very pleased with this news.