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UP government offers free brain transplant for Salman Khan fans

03, Feb 2014 By Amit Bhagat

Salman Khan: Asking one brain for himself at gun point

In a major turn of event Samajwadi Party offers a free brain transplant for Salman Khan fans after getting a disappointing response of ‘Jai Ho’ movie.

Sources confirm that ‘Jai Ho’ has some intelligent elements which Salman Khan fans are finding themselves helpless to understand and digest. When asked, while wiping  tears Jhandu Lal (Salman’s fan) said he strived for one week to memorize “aam aadmi sota hua….cheer phaad dega” dialog.

In a press conference Azam Khan, a senior leader of Samajwadi Party proudly announced, “We will use our foreign study tour’s knowledge to apply the Brain Transplant idea”. Added to this he further revealed “This is how we will prepare a new generation who will choose our party again.

Faking News sources dug out the story behind this revolutionary decision that after less collection of ‘Jai Ho’ Akhilesh Yadav was worried about Loksabha Elections because only Salman Khan fans’ level of intelligence could make them won.  So Mulayam Singh Yadav made a team of intelligent people led by Azam Khan and sent them to foreign study tour. And the result is here.

After asking the blue print of idea of Brain Translplant, Akhilesh Yadav explained, “We first experimented this idea on Azam Khan’s buffaloes and held a special screening of ‘Jai Ho’ for them, they went missing from that time.” We have already demanded a CBI enquiry for this serious issue. Meanwhile a fresh FIR has been lodged against AAP’s leader Dr. Kumar Vishwas. Hastily, Arvind Kejriwal announced a new subsidy plan for Brain Transplant in Delhi.

Meanwhile, our reliable sources confirm that Rahul Gandhi is also interested in some brains and already ordered some for Hasiba Amin and other Bharat Nirman’s crew members.