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Unearthing the truth behind Humshakals moving towards 100 crores

15, Jul 2014 By madhusudhan

In the modern day Bollywood cinema, 100 crores collection has become the talk of the town.

This is a story of a sub-urban guy who unearthed the truth behind Humshakals movie moving towards the 100 crores club.

Episode -1

A guy named Karan who decided to spend a lonely boring Saturday evening by watching a nice movie ended up in a theater which was showing Humshakals.

Not finding anyone near the theater premises met another guy who was ready to sell the ticket he had bought in black, when Karan inquired with the guy why there were no people near the theater he got a reply saying everyone has already taken their seats inside so that they should not miss even a single second of the Epic movie.

Karan bought the black ticket for a whopping Rs.100 and went inside the theater to later discover that he was the only person inside, having spent his hard earned money he decided to sit through the movie.

What happened later that day is left to your imaginations.

Episode -2

A month later Karan reads the news about Humshakals making staggering collections and all ready to get into the 100 crores club.

Bewildered about this news Karan tries to unearth the truth behind news. He contacts several trade analysts who roll out these news in various platforms but was left with very little help.

He tries to reach out to Sajid Khan the director of the movie who has a plethora of such mind-numbing dumb yet making record collections movie.

But the humble outspoken guy Sajid Khan says he’s not watched to movie to comment on it.

Episode – 3

Karan not able to believe what was happening around him recalls about a movie he had watched a year ago and then everything falls in to picture.

Yes it was no doubt the movie was Inception. Karan decided and all he was witnessing was a dream and he had to kill himself to get back to reality and does so.

Episode – 4

After waking up in heaven Karan realizes that miracles do happen on Earth.

Meanwhile on Earth the truth is unraveled on July 10th 2014 in the first ever Budget speech delivered by Arun Jaitley .

Yes it was one of those 100 crores projects that Arun Jaitley announced for the upliftment of nonsensical cinema which would help the psychiatrists in the nation.