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Uday Chopra to have a double roll in Dhoom 4

09, Jan 2014 By chaturchaalaak

After the astounding success of Dhoom 3 and the much appreciated double role of Aamir Khan, our sources have revealed something which might cheer up Nargis Fakhri and scores of Uday Chopra fans who have already booked a one way ticket to Mars.

Critics have appreciated the uncanny ability of Uday of making bikes act in all Dhoom movies. A little birdy has told us that James Cameron will come to Mumbai and learn the art of acting and making things act from Uday himself. Even Na’vi junta wants Uday to be their brand ambassador.

( Wow, that was the most number of Udays used in a paragraph – Ginni’s world record)

Dhoom being a family affair, Uday allegedly went up his elder brother Aditya and asked him for a double role in the next movie.

Aditya, being the doting brother has come  up to a solution after several rounds of discussion, held while taking rounds of Rani Mukherjee on Uday’s bike.

Now, Uday will get to have a double roll in the next movie. Yes you heard it right, he’ll have a Veg Mayo Roll and a Double egg mustard roll, both at once. This is touted to be the most difficult roll anyone has ever had while playing a role.

Uday, on the condition of anonymity, said that he is excited and is looking forward to this double treat. He humbly appreciated the OxFiat University’s research which proved that watching Uday’s movies with their backs facing the screen can effectively cure depression and stress.

Uday might even get a Bharat Ratna if Rahul Gandhi becomes PM in 2014.

Just in – Gurgaon based Roll Carts are expecting the roll sector to grow faster than Kim Kardashian’s booty, all thanks to Uday’s double roll.