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Truth unfolds in Jeetendra Tomar's case, he claims it was a case of parallel universe

23, Jun 2015 By chachachaudhary

Before the trials begin in the Jeetendra Tomar’s fake degree case, our reporter Bonobos contacted Tomar by telepathy and asked about the arguments he was supposed to put in his defence when the trial begins.

Then Tomar asked our reporter Bonobos for a panel of NASA physics scientists as he was skeptical that common people may not understand his theories and  proofs, he was about to reveal.

He also requested Christopher Nolan to be his defence counsel. Then he  claimed that parallel universe existed and he was a part of such twin galaxy. He stated that he was a science student in earths twin planet and his arrival in this earth was  a part of a wormhole experiment in his third year physics practical classes.

He thoroughly explained wormhole as a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. To gather evidence for his science journal he travelled  by wormhole and arrived at this  parallel universe, when the police arrested  him.

He seemed virtually upset about low acceptance of scientific theories in this parallel universe. He also claimed that when police took him to Faizabad he looked up in the sky to contact his original planetmates to rescue him, but the police misunderstood his gesture as not knowing nothing about the college.

He also said the is planning to request a bail for few thousand light years to go to his own parallel universe and bring back proofs.

When asked upon why doesn’t he use the wormhole again rather than conventional way of travelling thousand light years to which he replied that his first experience of using the wormhole landed him in police custody so he decided not to use it again.

Also he told that return journey is only taught in PhD course and he is supposed to pursue law after graduation so he cannot travel back via wormhole.

He also praised Rahul Gandhi about his physics knowledge regarding escape velocities of planets. He also told he can guide PM Narendra Modi for a interstellar trip if he intends to do that some day.