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Trial court Judge revises judgment, gives two year discount to Salman if he doesn't go on appeal

08, May 2015 By bhanuxtreme

Mumbai. After coming to know that Salman Khan will approach High Court against the trial court judgment in the 2002 Hit and Run case, the trial court judge immediately issued a modified version of the judgment. The new judgment states:“Salman Khan, the accused, will get 5 year sentence in the case, but in case he does not go on appeal to the higher courts, he would get a discounted jail term of 3 years, which is a nice 40% discount deal”. The judge fondly called the new judgment as version 3.0 and not 2.0 due to the radical change in the judgment.

When contacted by the media, the judge said “Yeah. Hell yeah. I know what his next step is. Hence I prepared both judgments at the same time. When I got the confirmation, I issued the new judgment immediately”.

Upon hearing the landmark judgment, Supreme Court Chief Justice H.L Dattu wholeheartedly supported it. He said, “BC! These rich spoilt brats are screwing us big time. There has been a rapid increase in the higher court appeals recently. Somehow it needs to be tackled and this is a step forward. We should also become market friendly courts and discover innovative ways of delivering speedy justice”.

Reacting to the Chief Justice’s reaction, Union Law Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda echoed with his thoughts. He also made a suggestion to the CJ that courts should also make settlements from now on. He said, “Look at the Ram Janma Bhoomi case, it has been going on since ages. It would be really good if Judges arrange a settlement party and offer Muslims to build the Mosque on the other side of the river”.

While everyone seem to accept with this point of view, eminent SC lawyer Ram Jethmalani was the only one who has come out harshly against it and promised to fight tooth and nail against the proposed changes. Being angered by the repeated questioning of Arnab Goswami in the Newshour, he shouted “Arre yaar, if they give these kind of offers to the culprits, how lawyers like me will survive? They will very well save their money that they spend on us and go to the jail”.

Meanwhile, we are getting reports that the judge in the Salman Khan Blackbuck hunting case is also preparing a path breaking judgment. Our inside sources have confirmed that the Judge will waive the 5 year sentence to Sallu Bhai altogether if he goes on to hunt 100 rats in the Pune Yerawada Jail successfully.

– Bhanu Pratap G