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Tiger Shroff rechristened himself as Cow Shroff

27, Aug 2016 By alien4dec

Mumbai: After living for more than 25 years as Tiger Shroff christened by his parents, Tiger has now rechristened himself as Cow Shroff. Bollywood was amazed by this move as much as we were and so we got a candid interview with Tiger especially for our Faking News viewers.

Speaking to our entertainment reporter Jackie, Tiger aka Cow Shroff revealed, “I was born as Jai but my parents saw my fearless power, royalty, grace and decided to rename me as Tiger. I struggled a lot in Bollywood initially because of rumours that actress thought since my name is Tiger, I have a proclivity for scratching my nails on their skin and biting producers. It took me years to clear this wave of filmy gossips. There are many Tigers, Bengal Tiger, Tiger Pataudi and Tiger Woods and so I decided not to be just another Tiger”.

“As I became an actor in Bollywood, I also became the face of PETA and National Geographic Channel for Tiger protection. It was a noble way to spread the message across the world for conserving wildlife. The population of Tiger is now increasing substantially post my support to the cause. But off lately, I met a new age filmmaker Shirish Kunder whose recent short psychological thriller film ‘Kriti’ which has received over 10 million views on YouTube, entirely changed my thinking and he also offered me a role in his upcoming cow boy film”.

“Shirish saw a Cow Boy in me. He has an eye for talent and charisma. Sunny Leone is the leading lady in the film titled as, ‘The Jai, The Tiger and The Cow’. According to Shirish, I am a very calm and composed, yet a man of mettle just like actor Clinton Eastwood so I decided to change my name to Cow Shroff”.

Cow Shroff also added, “He loves Michael Jackson and want to be MOW (Michael of West) like him. The short film produced by his mother also involves a cameo by great Olympian gymnast champ Dipa Karmakar as many of his acro dance moves are inspired by gymnast, martial artists and funambulists. Famous musician Ennio Morricone has been hired for this prestigious cow boy film who has acclaimed worldwide recognition for cowboy film music”.

When this news broke via our media, Cow Shroff was immediately signed as the ‘National Brand Ambassador’ of India for protecting Cows. He also became the new face of Brand Amul, well known for its various cow milk based product categories.

Faking News wishes Cow Shroff a huge success for his upcoming film and hope next he doesn’t changes his name to ‘Congress Shroff’ to save Congress party in India !