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Tiger Shroff finalized for ABCD 2030

22, Jul 2015 By rogue

Mumbai. Yes you heard it right. If everything goes well we will see Tiger dancing in ABCD 2030. He is finalized by Disney India. When we contacted Disney they elated. Disney India spokesperson agreed to this development that they have signed India’s dancing sensation Tiger Shroff in main lead in their upcoming project. Our faking news correspondent flabbergasted why they not considered Hrithik. When we asked, Disney replied, “Had this been a regular movie; we would have certainly approached Hrithik but we are going to make a special movie based on the future of dance. Story set in year 2030. It requires certain dance skills which we found only in Tiger.

All set for the move!
I would love to see which damn camera can capture my dance moves! Till 2030, my moves and reflations would become 10 times faster.

This movie going to be released in 4D. You can feel the Tiger moves.

FN- What is the specialty of Tiger’s dance moves ? Disney- He has the lightning speed dance moves and high octane energy to jump into everywhere.

FN- How did you finalised Tiger? Disney- From couple of months we were in search of a good dancer who could dance with ease yet power. Not many know that ABCD2 was initially done by Tiger but our mediocre camera proved too poor to capture his lightning speed dance moves. Our camera frame failed to capture the dance moves of tiger properly after several painful attempts. We have no option left and finally decided to close that project. Since Tiger himself is a good friend of Varun Dhawan; he recommended Varun. We are very happy with overwhelming response to the movie.

FN- Then how would you dare to make a dance based movie with Tiger; since you don’t have the appropriate camera? Disney– Ohh! (sigh of relief) We had approached the “Digital India” elite panel. We requested them to make a special kind of camera which could film Tiger’s dance moves accordingly. And we will almost be ready.

Our faking news reporter reached “Digitalindia” office. When contacted, its spokesperson said,”The camera is so efficient that it is capable of capturing even a fraction of one million second of Tiger’s dance sequence. It actually reduces the speed of Tiger’s dance moves and proportionate in the real time with rest of the dancer”.

In a press conference Disney briefly told Faking News, “We are deliberately considering Rakhi Sawant as our leading lady. Since the story set in the year 2030 and our heroine is to be an Alien. Once again thanks to Digitalindia for supporting us. We are considering to launch a beginner’s guide to Tiger’s dance moves. A video tutorial for new comers.

A teenager boy vicky who loves to dance and a huge fan of Tiger found in depression. Faking news team reached and interviewed him. He had all this to say, “I tried, tried and tried but terribly failed. I couldn’t focus. In Tiger Sir’s famous Pappi song and Zindagi Aa Raha Hoon Main, speedy leg based dance moves are so fast that my Bluray player’s slowest motion is not capable of capture his dance moves. So I went into depression.”

Further he added, “I immensely feel happy for ABCD 2030 coming with an advance technology to capture his those finer dance moves. Now we can learn his dance moves with ease.”

When we contacted Tiger he was unavailable for comment. However we felt happy for that teenager’s strong willpower. An Appeal through faking news that the first copy of ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Tiger Moves’ should be reached to that one and only devotee of Tiger Shroff.