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The Pappu Knight

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Hamara Congress movie production revealed the poster of their new movie The Pappu Knight starring Rahul Gandhi in the protagonist role. The movie is about a communal joker who makes plan to destroy the Jupiter city. Joker plants several trishuls and LPG cylinders at various parts of the city and finally Pappu defuses them.

Joker - Why so serious
The new Joker

Complete cast & crew:

Rahul Gandhi: Batman/Pappu Gandhi RSS Agent: Joker Dig Vijay Singh: secular commissioner of the city. Sanjay Jha: Alfred Pennyworth Lalu Prasad Yadav: Harvey Dent

Director: Sanjay Jha Producer: Hamara Congress, Sonia Gandhi

Background Score/Music – Sunil Shinde Distributors: Sun Pictures, *Maran, *Stalin