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The mystery behind awesome CID stories revealed

08, Oct 2013 By worryisnothing

Mumbai. The secret that the world was searching for more than 25 years has finally been revealed. The world has come to know of what can be a revolution in the field of  TV series. Our Faking News team has got some information from trusted inside sources about how CID team has been producing larger than life episodes for almost a generation now.

CID’s script writer is actually a computer program that generates stories based on certain keywords that are fed into the program. Based on the keywords, the program generates a story that is really interesting and relates to the common man.

“Some keywords are always passed by default, such as ‘Laash’, ‘Darwaza’, ‘Kuch to gadbad hai’ etc.”, said Ritesh Sonari, who leads the team that developed this software. He believes that this is a highly stable software and can continue producing stories for centuries.

The most effective feature of the software is that even if you feed in the same keywords again and again, it produces stories which are almost same, but the sequence of scenes randomised, thus producing a new story everytime. And with some tremendous actors like Fredericks, the CID team does not pay much attention to the story line.

“I was pleasantly surprised when the program produced a story on Zombies, something that India has never seen before”, exclaimed Nikhil in joy, who accidently fed in ‘Zombie’ as a keyword after watching Go Goa Gone.

This software is truly a revolution and may give script writers a run for their money, especially for television programs like CID which believe in being funny and serious at the same time.