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The Congress' BAJATEY RAHO nominated for Oscars

12, Aug 2013 By bitjack

President Obama has recommended the movie Bajaatey Raho for Oscars which was released with the movie of same name worldwide. The actual movie by Ekta Kapoor didnt score well, but this one has broken all the box-office records. Movie has actually crossed Rs. 2 lacs crores due to its special 1 hour part on 2G scam and Coal scam.

gareebo ki

Some of the movies best parts :

  1. This film is  good on comedy where Rashid Masood and Raj Babbar did a tremendous job with their kick-ass & rib tickling dialogues like “you can eat a full plate meal in Delhi in just Rs 5” and the same dialogue with change of location to Mumbai and price of Rs 12 by raj babbar.
  2. The movie shows how someone like Kapil Sibbal changes the education system to simplify it but at the same time turns the life of pi students to a nightmare by turning the system into a sequence of nothing else but lot of exams.
  3. The madam ji’s  role is a must watch , actually its a guest appearance but the way she banged (bajaaya) the poor people and played with their sentiments is out of this world.