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Techie loses job after failing to identify Bigg Boss housemates

19, Dec 2013 By pairated

In a bizarre event, a leading IT company has “evicted” one of the employees for failing to identify several Bigg Boss 7 housemates. An official letter of termination was signed and published by the company HR.

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How could someone not know these people?

The letter states that the employee has failed to improve his knowledge about the latest trends and current events in the industry. It also states that, it is a matter of shame for the company to have such incompetent employees, who are being paid for doing nothing.

You favourite NEWS website interviewed his colleagues and related people to know more about the termination.

Ms. Sharma, who was a good friend of the techie, expressed great shock. She said, “He used to go out with us for lunch and tea. I can’t believe ki he faked it all the time. He had even shared a video in Facebook, of some contestants fighting. Chee..”

Mr. Deol, the manager of the terminated employee said, “This is very unfortunate. He was a quick learner. His googling skills were good and he would find the solution of any problem within minutes. He would stay till late in office and got a decent appraisal evaluation. I wonder what he was doing till late.”

Mrs. Kumar, HR who published the termination letter, narrated the events of the day.

“I was doing my routine work of smiling at people and checking their attire for any violations, when a group of screaming employees came running towards me. One girl pointed out to the guy who was walking towards us and said that he is unaware of who VJ Andy is. I took it as a joke and calmly asked the guy about Andy. My God, his answer was devastating. He said VJ Andy is a VJ in Surya TV. I quickly took out my mobile phone and swiped through some pics to show Armaan, Kamya, Elli and Sangram *blush*. That Kamya you know, what she did? Ayyo, you know Armaan got arrested? Anyway, the moment he said he doesn’t know them properly, I called out for security and had him locked up in a room, while I started his termination process.”

Ms. Palikoti, the employee’s younger sister has updated her Facebook status as, “Ashamed of my brother today. Insult to the Family because of him.”

This has generated a buzz in the company and HR managers are arranging mandatory training sessions and exit interviews to scan the employees. The company management feels that this information is very important for the employees to mingle with the IT crowd and enhance their interpersonal skills. They have termed it as a sad day in the history of the company.

Some IT experts believe that in these days of intense competition, basic knowledge about Salman claiming that he is a virgin, is just not sufficient for any company to excel.

As per the latest updates from the company executives, “Times of India” website has been made as the default homepage for all the employees and they are encouraged to comment and argue on TOI articles.