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Taran Adarsh declares Chetan Bhagat’s latest novel will make 100 crores when made into a movie

13, Aug 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai. After making news for having taken out a full page front ad in the newspaper for his upcoming book, Chetan Bhagat was in the news again when Taran Adarsh gave his book five stars and declared it a “100 Crore Blockbuster” without actually having read it.

Chetan Bhagat
Yes, Taran is right!

Even when his industry peers reminded Mr. Adarsh that the book had not even released for him to have rated it or that books unlike movies were unlikely to make 100 Crores, the intrepid critic refused to back down from his claim.

“I am a trade expert,” Mr. Adarsh said to this reporter in an exclusive interview, while he was walking his dog. “I don’t really need to watch movies or read books to comment on trade. I saw the book’s name on TV and instinctively knew it was a five starrer and was going to make hundred crores.”

When asked about his mechanism of rating movies or books, Mr. Adarsh pointed to his dog and then asked it, “Snoopy, do you think Half Girlfriend will make 100 Crores?” At this point, Snoopy wagged his tail furiously.

“There you have it… it’s confirmed now,” Mr. Adarsh concluded.