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Taliban impressed by scenes of violence in "Game of Thrones"

28, Aug 2014 By ishank

Game of thrones has really become a success in the television network, from the first episode it has captivated the minds of so many viewers. Fans would be thinking that everything is hunky dory for the writer Mr. George R.R. Martin and the actors of the series, sadly it is not the case for some of them. Considering how many people he has killed in the book and with the sheer blood and gore in the way they die, the Taliban has filed a lawsuit.

GoT’s famous trial by combat.

Our sources tell us that Taliban wants to know how is that non-terrorist person knows so many ways of killing people and that too in different fashion. They claim that he is trying to steal their thunder by showing the world gruesome ways of killing people. the Lawsuit also said that the Khaleesi is a name inspired from their tradition and the lead actress Emilia Clark should cover her hair and Martin should teach them the creativity of killing people.

Martin’s representative said in a press conference, “Martin is truly delighted that he has been able to reach the hearts of the Taliban and in his happiness will kill a lot more characters of the books in the most creative way possible.”

Emilia in a conversation with one of our representative said, “I have taken inspiration for the Indian super star MALLIKA SHERAWAT and am going to stand for women, though I will not mimic the accent that she tried to pull of in her interview with Piers Morgan. I will also have statistics as to how many women die in westeros because they are supposed to cover their hair and how many live with open hair.” It is evident that Emilia is literally living the part of Khaleesi and takes her role very seriously. If only we had we more women like her in the society.

In a video that was released by the Taliban, the leader was more then happy wearing a wig of platinum blonde and having dragons behind him, with two swords in his hands he said, “We are reaching new levels of learning, with the help of my swords we shall take the throne (Parliament) and be the rulers of the bestros.”

There was a general hysteria in US when the video was released and the FBI has ordered that every agent new and old should read Game of Thrones to better understand what type of terror they are dealing with.