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Tale turns out caring wife bad

09, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was quite surprising for the wife to find husband’s one eye swollen and hands and legs bruised. Before she could know of the reason behind this bad condition she applied necessary pain relieving ointment on the affected portion of the body. She even gave him a liquid potion which is generally given to this disturbing position. Amidst this preparation, enough time was passed but she needed a detailed explanation from her injured husband. Without waiting for any extra moment she briskly asked, “How did it exactly happen?” The husband without stopping pointed out that one scooter rider collided with me. She was a young girl and talking on her smart phone.

Hearing this heartbreaking chat the wife further enquired, “Have you seen the scooter number on the rear side?” Heaving an intense sigh the wounded hubby told that it was not possible for him because of the swollen eyes. “Then, what was the scooty’s colour?” She made another swift question. A big no was the answer of the husband. However, what was said by the injured husband was quite interesting. He expressed everything in a tone so cold that shivers ran through her body. Although he was badly injured yet he was not oblivious of the girl’s bodily frame. Describing the feminine’s face he said that her eyes adorned the Kajal with perfection.

Her hairs were very long and stunning. There was a mole just at the lips which were glowing with dark pink coloured lipstick. Not only had this but his narration also included dress in green colour, Menhdi in both the hands also decorated with pink bangles. Learning of all these facts the wife’s anxiety grew and her stomach started sinking. The hubby referred to the girl’s attractiveness, the moral fibre let her feel bad everything in it. Soon the hubby’s second eye also swelled up.