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Taking a cue from upcoming films, nation to change its role models to criminals and gangsters to inspire youth

15, Sep 2014 By saltywonton

With the growing number of films in Bollywood based on underworld (both spiritual & physical) ; government and other local bodies have realized the need to make role models of criminals/gangsters for the youth instead of freedom fighters or erstwhile leaders.

Sources say, top stars like Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, etc. and under the top stars like John Abraham, Arjun Rampal and many more are inspired to create biopics on lives of gangsters impacting today’s world.

Shahrukh Khan, for example, is in news for making a gangster movie on some body from Gujarat.  Its a strange choice that he decided to make his first biopic that too for a gangster.  Its a wonder if he had to pick a biopic from Gujrat, Mr. Gandhi/Modi/ Sardar Patel could have been normal choices. Based on comments received from him. ” After movies like KKHH, KHNH, Veer Zara, etc. I would imagine audience to already have understood my motivation behind making movies! I am not usually in favor of making biopics as they do not typically appeal to my SOBO, Wannabe SOBO, Overseas fans and KJo well-wishers and followers. Also its this Aamir khan and others who are doing these movies and I have to follow the suit if not set the trend.”

Arjun Rampal when asked what inspired him to take up a challenging role of a gangster for his next (although he looks like one who would get beat up by the latter), mentioned, “Till date I think the most challenging role I have played is the life of a magician in “Greenply” advertisement. The TVC captures the life of a magician in just secs and I have been told I have delivered Oscar winning performance! Sadly nobody noticed and Greenply is not willing to expand the advertisement to three hours movie so I decided to try something more challenging and also in my nature following suit of other fellow under (performing) stars to stay in the game!”  John Abraham for one wants to promote his passion for bikes, football, animals, and all other causes possible with his movies based on gangsters. He believes the causes will touch the pulse of the audience.

Based on all the above reports social institutions and political organizations have begun to believe that strong role models are actually gangsters/ criminals portrayed by stronger role models i.e. film actors as opposed to national leaders, social servants and typical others. So the plans in phase are as follows.

School text books will have lessons on biography of Shahrukh Khan, Hritik Roshan, Arjun Rampal for primary classes. Secondary classes will include biography of criminals/gangsters.  Criminal vernacular will be compulsory language subject for 100 marks. Children will be saying – “Ja relaii ! Aa relaii!  Bolll Be!” to teachers. Cricket will be the only sport taught but in conjunction with mathematics which will mainly or involve wagering.  Arts will include just celebrity management and advertisement for these.  Monuments of film actors will put up. Gangsters will also have their lot of statues. People will tell tales of courage seen in movies and what they read in Pg3.  The whole youth will have complete revolutionary transformation. Students will be accorded SOTY awards or coffee hampers.

While the developments are in nascent stage so no detailed reports available but soon we expect more information to share with our readers. Till then keep reading!