Monday, 19th February, 2018

Tagline defines texts impressively

14, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: In an award ceremony the film actors were seen playing a hash tag game. This was a new experience for the audience. Being online world everything is getting restricted to the tagline. Whatever is written requires the immediate label and this trend appears to be dominating in the spoken language. It seems a little odd to the people but this trend is going to alter the traditional mode of the unprepared verbal communication.

This hash tag game was enjoyed by film celebrities like director Karan Johar, actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Alia Bhatt on the wide well-decorated podium for the occasion. They prudently showed a way to the precocious fans how they could develop this game just by their speaking skills. It cannot be odd here to say honestly that the schools may look good to adopting this novel game of the verbal skill. The students might improve their ‘Annu Kapoor type’ instant ability to form a verse or alliteration immediately.

Young bubbly actress Alia Bhatt appeared quite enthusiastic in practising the new game which prompted Karan Johar initiating the rapid-fire kind of the wordplay. Urbane and sophisticated Saif was more realistic in forwarding this funny idea. Alia was not lagging behind in building up the correct hash tag. This is already available in the advertisement world as every product runs after its declared popular tagline. What was once expressed through the proverb is now convenient by the catching tagline.

The people comprehend the particular product by its punch line. Although this commercial consideration exaggerates yet there is a speck of reality in it. There used to be tug-of-war but there persists war of tags now. Our perception is fast changing so that day is not far when we would like to speak in tagline as early man had used sign language for their unlettered expressions.