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Suzanne demands tomatoes worth Rs. 400 cr as alimony, after watching Bang Bang Trailer

30, Jul 2014 By InsaneBaba

Suzzane And Hrithik during kites release
Relationships just got sour

In latest interview, Suzzane Roshan khan, has confirmed to our reporter, that she has demanded tomatoes for alimony against her separation from actor Hrithik Roshan. She said she liked the trailer of BANG BANG and would not go easy on Hrithik by just asking for money.

She initially demanded Rs. 400 crores as alimony. “Considering the latest inflation rates and mind boggling stunts of Hrithik in “Bang Bang” , this seemed legit,” said Suzzane while shopping with Arjun for furniture.

She was quite convinced that she’d be able to afford all the iphones to be launched in coming years and harvard education for her kids. She also had plans for a vacation once an year to Singapore where Hrithik shot for Krishh 3.

She initially turned to atkin’s diet and her kids followed the same. She even tried ketchup to compensate for tomatoes, but kissan and heinz are already booked their entire stock to Nitin Gadkari for his samosa party. This gave her the idea to get tomatoes for alimony instead of paper money.

But looking at he high prices of tomatoes, Suzzane found them a profitable investment. She’s already ordered 1000 litre freezers to  preserve them for later. She even suggested that tomatoes are better than share investments for financial security. Shahrukh Khan agreed and said he had cast Abhishek Bachchan in his next movie for same reason.

Roshans have already decreed this immoral demands of tomatoes by Suzzane. Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan gave an open statement, “It’s impossible to fulfil such a huge demand of tomatoes. It’s not only unjustified, but also immoral, that a woman, we treated like Priyanka Chopra in our family, would turn out to be so demanding. Our entire family is bald, and I expected Hrithik  to make it up for all of us. But to achieve the task for so many tomatoes, is near to impossible.”

Rakesh ji accused Arjun Rampal that he had suggested this idea to Suzzane. He implied that Arjun has always been close to her and was always keen in making good profit for himself. He must’ve planted this idea in her mind, to then convince her to some in his freezer.

Though learning the fact that the case may be favored on Suzzane’s side, Rakesh Roshan has announced Krrissh 5. His latest flipkart bill shows, he ordered blu-ray DVDs of X men-Days of future past and Guardians of Galaxy. We can be sure that this would be the most action packed science fiction super hero movie of the year. Although Rakesh has suggested he’d exclude the romance from movie.

Hrithik has received sympathy from all his fans on twitter and was seen crying while reading these tweets, though Uday chopra was posting selfies of his movie screening with audience. Hrithik’s stammering habit has resurfaced due to the shock of alimony. His friends have wished him success for “Bang Bang”.