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Survey reveals Sunny Leone hot favorite to become PM if chosen by parties

15, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

It seems Sunny Leone’s move back to India might just have been a worthwhile step. With union elections fast approaching, media channels are conducting surveys to estimate the public opinion. A recent survey found that people want a government with absolute majority, instead of a coalition. Hence, it wants political parties to select PM candidates carefully, and choose those names who can garner maximum votes and ensure absolute majority.

Sunny, the favorite to win majority?
Sunny, the favorite to win majority?

It said people felt an absolute majority at least ensures chances of the government getting some work done in Parliament. Coalitions mean the leading party falls prey to bickering from coalition partners which just delays the passing of proposals, and slows development in the nation.

Hence the public opinion is that it is extremely critical that political parties select the right candidate for the PM’s post who can garner enough votes for an absolute majority.

When asked which name might be able to garner that extent of votes, public opinion was undecided amongst the existing candidates. However, a surprising finding of the survey was the proposal of Sunny Leone’s name as a potential candidate.

While nobody has picked Sunny as yet, the survey said parties might consider her name as well. Sunny Leone might just be the name which can elicit maximum support from the Indian voting public, and hence might be a potential candidate who can garner absolute majority for the party that she represents. It felt ‘the nation’ might just unite in its decision, for once.

The Survey also added that people were of the opinion that the actual work of the government were anyway done by numerous people, not just by a single PM. Hence, the qualifications of any candidate for political office and PM’s post might be immaterial. The findings said people are more interested in getting a government with absolute majority for a change, and the actual candidate should be based on ability to garner maximum votes rather than qualifications.

On the news that she might be actually a citizen of a foreign country, not of India, and hence ineligible for Indian political office, one respondent urged the Foreign Ministry to consider making her an Indian citizen on fast-track basis since her name is in the best national interests as it can help a stable and effective government term.

Like they say “Naam mein kya rakha hai!”. For once, “Naam mein bahut kuch rakha hai!”