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Supreme Court to set a committee to control number of episodes of daily soaps

06, Sep 2013 By kalyugipondit

Supreme court to set a 5 member committee for the daily soaps. The members In the committee will find out the actual reason of the Indian serials for crossing the episodes limit.

“Ye Rishta kya keh lata hai” on Star Plus will be the first victim, according to a supreme court judge this serial was started when he finished his bachelor degree, and this show is not being stopped till now.

His Wife doesn’t prepare dinner because of this show. Many more in the Judges panel are facing the same problem. Indian families are the real victim of this Daily soaps. Many Husbands filed a court case saying , we are not able to get a proper dinner because of this shows.

So finally judges have decided to set a committee for this shows. And shows will be banned if it cross its maximum limit.

According to this if any director or producer gets caught by this committee he will banned for life time. He/She won’t be able to make any Shows in future