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Superman dies after challenging Rajinikant for a duel

01, Jul 2014 By fake840

New York: Amid confusions and mourning superman was found dead in his apartment in Metropolis. There is no confirmation regarding how he died. However there are few theories but are yet to be proved.

Reports say that he was depressed for quite long time due the fact that his peer group like Spiderman, Ironman teased him as he wore underwear above his costume. Water went above the head when Indian superhero Krissh revealed that he lost a bet to Rajinikant as a result of which he had to wear underwear above his dress.

The victory sign

Soon he thought enough is enough and challenged Rajnikant for a duel. But fate had other plans.

When Rajinikant was asked about superman he said that he had over estimated the power of superman and had plans to counteract him. One fine night when all plans were finalized he simulated the fight in his mind , the fight went over for an hour and at the end of it Rajinikant won.

Satisfied he went to sleep only to find next morning that Superman was dead. Rajnikant vowed never to stimulate a fight again he said – “I never get to fight when I stimulate one.”

Meanwhile Alok Nath has severely criticized Rajinikant saying he should have at least fed him Gangajal before simulating the fight and urged people to cremate him in the Krypton way. As soon as Alok Nath finished his speech he found his front tooth missing.

Whatever might be the case jockey is certainly in a loss as they had just signed a contract with superman to wear their inners in all his fight and flight for next 5 years. Sources say jockey had planned at least 20 different boxers to wrap around Superman this month.