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Sunny Leone upset over Deepika’s publicity stunt

26, Sep 2014 By sketchbharath

She is upset!
She is upset!

The controversy over Deepika’s cleavage has made headlines. There are people outraged about the indecency of the media and there are people who criticize the seeming hypocrisy in Deepika’s attitude. Many believe that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. One of them is the renowned bollywood star, known for her touching depictions of dignity and sensuality.

Sunny has taken deep offense to the fact that Deepika has failed to appreciate all the eyeballs and eardrums that the ToI picture of her cleavage and tagline have generated. She has in fact challenged Deepika for a cleavage fight on facebook. She is launching a page where people can like the pictures and videos of her cleavage. Deepika’s agent mentioned that she is seriously considering the challenge. When questioned about the objectification of women, she clarified that objectification is not so condemnable after all, as long as it is democratic, that is by women and for women. But she has warned Sunny about the dangers of revealing too much. She said the adult Indian male is used to (since childhood) and hence likes an element of mystery around a woman’s body.

Meanwhile, in off the record conversations, Sunny has expressed her angst over being ignored by ToI. She said that she realizes Bollywood is no longer a meritocracy anymore and sex appeal hardly counts. She has also ordered a wardrobe of Anarkali suits from Agent Provocateur to make sure that nothing more than her cleavage is ever revealed. Agent Provocateur is thrilled about how a customer like Sunny can help its expansion plans into the mainstream Indian market for provocative Anarkalis. Sunny hopes to use this new wardrobe in promoting her next adult movie in Bollywood.