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Sunny Leone plunges into politics, launches her party, to contest assembly polls

20, Aug 2014 By Freshly Faked

Ms Sunny Leone stunned the assembled scribes at a press conference today by announcing her entry in political arena. Flanked by her enthusiastic team, she launched her outfit “Khaas Aadmi Party” –  potentially changing the political landscape of the country or perhaps plunging it in darkness – either way which only time will tell.

“I love India and Indians,” she said. “In my own way, I want to bring a change. I feel there are many party’s dedicated for the aam aadmi, but khaas aadmi is neglected and ignored completely. Who is for them ? We will fill that vacuum”. Explaining khaas aadmi, she continued, ‘any person who is not aam aadmi, is a khaas aadmi’.

A new leader rises

“I am for the people. I am always available to serve people. I am confident to excel in politics as I have always shined in every field that I have worked,” she said.

Guest of honour Mr Mahesh Bhatt, released the party symbol and manifesto. While the symbol is a Shower Head to represent cleansing of society, the manifesto promises a governance with transparency, liberation and freedom in every sense if they come to power.

She laid out plans to contest Maharashtra state assembly polls, “We will field candidates for all seats as khaas aadmi’s are everywhere. After forming a strong base, we would be prepared for 2019 Lok Sabha polls.”

Faking News enquired about her citizenship and eligibility. “That’s a no issue” she said, “I am giving up US passport and acquiring Indian citizenship. My roots, my genes are here”.

Several party’s and outfits were contacted for their reaction. All did not respond or just said to “Lay off”.