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Sunny Leone opens an NGO, “P.O.R.N” for adolescence education in India

03, Oct 2014 By ajeeb

Fed up with the kind of sex education for minors in government schools, Our Sunny has come forward to sort out this matter in the form of an NGO format named P.O.R.N “People Offering Raats’ Nowledge”.

This start-up NGO is currently having only one member, Sunny itself. She has started moving to different primary and secondary schools, spreading her deep insights into this area of education. Sunny seems pretty much excited as she is contributing something towards ‘good days’.

Oh! Yeah, Give them to me.
Oh! Yeah, Give them to me.

“Indians returning from abroad are grass classy persons, having some different potential rather than an Indian in India. I am exactly like a researcher, who have gained enough practical knowledge in a particular field and hereon I am standing to help minors from my acquired knowledge. I love India. I love it,” said a confident Sunny revealing her inner deep feelings towards her fellow Indians.

“I don’t want my fellow beings to get stuck in a complicated position situation in their life as an outcome of less knowledge. P.O.R.N is definitely going to change the current scenario of our country and we will be moving a step forward towards good days,” she continued.

As a part of her first contribution she has visited a primary school in Andhra Pradesh (undisturbed borders) today, she was welcomed as a goddess in the school, students were in a quiet state of mind. A full attendance record was made in a government school. She started with a theoretical demonstration of adolescence followed by hormonal changes and organ development.

Meanwhile, as depicted in the still picture; a student named Hind Shashtri was punished for the whole day as he boycotted her presence in the school for undisclosed obvious reasons.

A lot of critics around the country have grabbed our sunny for this decision. There are rumors about her being summoned by our famous Ornab. “She is just doing this for publicity, she has earned a lot by doing nothing and after getting old she returned to India, just because Indians are sex freak, sex sells dude. Tell me if I am wrong, No! Tell me?” questioned a critic Arun Kumar( same name given because of ego problem).

When our HRD minister was approached and was asked about her views on this NGO, she replied, “First of all she don’t posses any kind of a degree, okay, fine, you voyeurs are not making a point about it. Well, I have to alter the pattern of journalism in India, and regarding this NGO, I have nothing to say because now it is not the serials I am working, here its just too much of work.”