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Sunny Leone meets Illuminati

02, May 2014 By debarishidhar

Amidst all the election chaos everyone seems to have forgotten the elite group which apparently controls everything that we can see around us. All the conspiracy theorists out there you guessed it correct, I am talking about Illuminati.

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

So lets take into perspective how Illuminati is taking control of the Indian . The first thing they did was to have Sunny Leone star in a movie and that too a horrex movie called Ragini MMS 2.

Now this may come as a surprise but if you watch this movie you will clearly see ‘satan’ inspired acts on screen. And no I am not talking about the scene when Sunny takes off her clothes which by the way is almost always. The way she breathes is actually an ancient satanic ritual which is used to get rid of all the goodness from the body and absorb all the evil around.

This ritual has been practiced by Illuminati for more than 500 years and the first documented incident involved the elections in Greece around the 14th century. Also young Indians who just wanted to have some fun accidentally performed many such rituals while making spoofs of the song ‘Baby Doll’.

Another example of how the Illuminati is using Sunny Leone to take over India is with the recent birthday party of a famous businessman who was so influenced by Sunny’s performance that he decided to join the elite group of businessmen who fund the Illuminati.

Who is next in line? the working middle class. For the moment their plans seem to be working and we Indians should be extra careful not to accidentally get into their activities.