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Suicide note by Blackbuck uncovered: Claims, it was under depression facing immense racism

28, Jan 2017 By indian_jon_stewart

Jodhpur: The investigation team in the Blackbuck shooting case uncovered an important piece of evidence on Friday. The team informed the media in a press conference that a raid was conducted on Buck’s old house, after receiving a tip from a responsible citizen who identified himself as @SalmanBhaiIzzRoxx.

The sad black buck
The sad black buck

Police uncovered a suicide note which indicates strongly that Buck was severely depressed. Buck was a victim of racism from a broader community of deer on account of him being Black. The deer would frequently pelt him with Fair N’ Lovely tubes. They would bully him by hurling insults which often involved using various derogatory forms of the word “Kallu”. He is said to have ended his note by writing that he has had enough of the humiliation and wishing that God would reincarnate him as a white-tailed deer in America.

Salman Khan’s lawyer maintain that it is plausible that Buck, on his way to end his life, saw Salman practicing shooting. Hoping for a more glorious death at the hands of Bhai, he jumped in front of his speeding bullet, not unlike those homeless people who lay in front of Salman’s car which was at the time being driven by his driver.

Lawyer’s will have to prove in the next hearing two things. First, how did he write the note without the opposable thumbs. Second, why is the handwriting similar to that on the confession note written by Salman’s driver in the drink and drive case from which Salman was acquitted just last year.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan has announced that he will be making a film “Ek Tha Deer” in honor of the dead Blackbuck. This confirmed the rumors in the industry that death will not be the worst thing that has ever happened to this Blackbuck.