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Study reveals: Flop songs from Bollywood movies responsible for rise in lung cancer cases

15, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Howiston, Teksaas: A recently conducted scientific study at Teksaas Medical Center has revealed that filler songs in Bollywood movies are a potential cause for the rising lung cancer rates in India. Fillers are known to be a significant source of royalty for budding musicians and singers but how exactly are they responsible for rise in lung cancer? Let’s take a look!

“Smoking in movie theaters due to boring filler songs.”

Bollywood, India’s Hindi film industry, has been an addiction to people of all ages regardless of haves or have nots. A major source of entertainment across India, Bollywood movies draw huge crowds to movie theaters at weekends. While watching movie is a common aspect, there is a diverse set of reasons why people visit movie theaters – lovers lacking privacy to be intimate, students bunking classes, tired laborers, PYT hitters, bag snatchers etc. apart from regular families looking for entertainment. They come in for entertainment but unfortunately, become a victim of active or passive smoking. Faking News reporters were able to access a detailed report on this and here’s a brief outline.

The songs in Bollywood movies take up about 30-45 minutes of an average two and half hours movie run time. Over the recent years, lack of interest among musicians to concentrate on non-item songs in movies has led to the temporary ouster of 50% of the crowds to the theater lobbies during show time. Among these 50% majority happen to be smokers and are found responsible for generating a cloud of cigarette smoke in the smoking zone. People who go to the lobby during show time avoid an estimated 25 minutes of the movie due to boring songs and smoke 5 additional cigarettes, according to another report. More than filling the pockets of musicians, these songs are causing irreversible damage to patrons’ lungs.

An appeal has been made by the Teksaas Medical Center to the Bollywood music fraternity of India to produce songs that generate enthusiasm in patrons so that they stick to their seats and thereby, avoid smoking.