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Student listens to "Interstellar - Extended Theme" while studying for Physics exam, emerges topper with 100 percent marks

08, Aug 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In what is being considered as positive effect of movies on students, a student from Delhi College of Engineering listened to Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar Extended Theme for hours together the night before his Physics exam to end up topping the class. Scoring cent percent was icing on the cake, needless to say how coherent it was with the University’s high scoring history.

“Vigyaan’s secret – Living such moments while listening to the theme.”

Vigyaan Kumar is a fun loving techie, blogger, movie buff and music aficionado, believed to be the traits of typical Indian Twitterati. Physics is his subject of disinterest when it comes to solving problems from textbooks but likes it from a movies and music perspective. The night before his exam, he planned to revise everything he had learnt over the last couple of days.

In a bid to motivate himself, Vigyaan is believed to have switched on his Bose home theater system and listened to the extended version of Interstellar Theme for several hours.

Faking News team met Vigyaan at his home and here’s what he said about the whole experience.

“Hans Zimmer is the actual father of Physics, not Einstein. If I had not listened to his theme, I was sure of scoring a percentage equivalent to percentage of germs remaining after washing hands with Dettol. I thought of switching off the music before sleeping but fortunately or unfortunately the music played on the whole night”, said Vigyaan as he expanded his diaphragm with pride.

Sources say, managing bodies of various colleges in the capital are contemplating the use of high profile background music aided teaching techniques to teach Physical Sciences and would be starting off with background soundtracks from Nolan-Zimmer movies.