Friday, 20th April, 2018

Stucked between Phooljhari & Patakha

19, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The exact cause of the sudden accident was supposed to be the high-density firecracker, was it not? Yes, yes, that was it. It was definitely the high sounding banger. In the meantime, there were others who were discarding this very point and said, “Oh! No, it was surely not that particular boom, boom or bang, bang firecracker.” Amid such a ubiquitous confused feeling there were a group of residents stressing upon a different situation. Though they were present on the spot, they saw it but they all ran down in awe. They could not understand everything perfectly.

‘You glanced over it—yes, perhaps. But the basis of the unfortunate accident, said one Diwali reveller, was a black-coloured string fixed about a foot above the tree’s top. Traditionally, the festival of lights remains incomplete without bursting of different kinds of the firecrackers. However, the locality elders finally decided to shun big bangers this festival. They suggested everyone, old or young or child to possibly avoid blowing up high-powered firecrackers. They even selected an open wide place for enjoying the bursting of the crackers. They did not want to dishearten especially the teens by their warning.

Therefore they put a banner with the bold lettered message, “Observe the festival along with your valued Phooljhari only and keep away from next-door forceful Patakha in order to evade blast.”Just after necessary religious rites, all the area revellers reached the open space for burning of the firecrackers. The view from the ground was spectacular as every house was dazzling with lights, diyas and candles. Their face has gone cheerfully rosy out of joyfulness. The children were burning the sprinklers while the youngsters were trying to find time to burst volatile crackers. Meanwhile, the middle-aged persons were talking about the meaning of the banner’s contents.