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At the stroke of mid night, Kangana met Shirish: Can this last long?

23, Sep 2017 By alien4dec

Mumbai: After record breaking success of Simran, Queen of Bollywood- Kangana Ranaut is all set to impress her fans and critics with her appearance in next upcoming short film named ‘Tanu Beds Manu’ to be directed by legendary Oscar winning filmaker Shirish Kunder!

Reports now suggest that Shirish was not happy with Farah’s comment on his favourite actoress Kangana and it led to a huge debate over casting Kangana in his next short film.

“It is not just me, I think the whole world knows that the prospect of cinema is not age old love stories of Shahrukh Khan but internet movies is the new happenings. Life is a champagne, to be enjoyed with sex and cinema. Bollywood is lagging behind from rest of the world,” Shirish said to faking news reporter.Kangana Shirish

The ‘Queen’ star said, “She is happy to be featured in Shirish’s short film since the script is more thrilling, rather than a dreary dance number by Hrithik and choreographed by Farah”.

However, Shirish apologized on behalf of Farah and said, “It’s extremely insensitive that Farah commented about Kangana. I’ll always regret one thing that I feel very guilty about. I sincerely apologise for Farah’s comment on Kangana. Bad incidents make you bitter,but Kangana is a sweetheart.”

Shirish further added, “Kangana is one person who has been really nice to me and has always been offering me films to direct. True relationship endures, when silence is also as comfortable as intimacy. She has this strange penchant for me and our chemistry shall surely make history”

Responding to reporters about Kangana’s relationship status, Kangana said, Sau Dard Hain, Sau Rahatein, Sab Mila, Dil Nashin Ek Tuhi Nahieeeeee, Single rehne de baba, Single rehne de”, to which Shirish immediately reacted, “Jaan-e-Mann, Main hoon na”.

Well the gossip columns are brewing up with a close eye on SK – not Salman Khan but Shirish Kangana and hoping for some more spicy and juicy news very soon towards the release of her next film, about who weds and who beds whom. So stay tuned.