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SRK - Salman patching up adds one more day to Diwali celebrations

15, Nov 2012 By soumyadip

Mumbai, 14-11-2012. In the auspicious occassion of Diwali, apart from the lights and crackers that enlightened the entire nation (which looks more beautiful from the satelite of NASA than from the neighbourhood), something more contentful flooded the lives of people with 15.5% extra happiness.

Yes, Shahrukh and Salman have decided to become friends. “These two superstars have been enemy now for 5 years 26 months and 278 days” said Tulsi, as she broke into tears of joy.

Vicky Singh, a young boy from patiala who had once claimed that he is decendant of Valmiki has also written two and a half thousand pages of epic ‘Rukhmanayana’. “Khanayana would have sounded a Sanjeev Kapoor’s book and so I rejected the name initially” he explained. He claimed, “Friendship between these two historical characters will give me massive impetus to move the epic towards a new 1000 page chapter”.

Salman went to the premier of Shahrukh’s movie Jab tak hai jaan where the talks about their patch up began. Salman was observed closely by sources and was found weeping at the end of the movie. When asked he said,”I got emotional about Yash Uncle, I will definitely buy a DVD of the movie to watch it jab tak hai jaan“. Someone also heard him saying,”Revital Yash uncle bhi khate thein” but the person who claimed so was not found again for further explaination.

The biggest news broke out when Mrs. Manmohan Singh came out to the media claiming that she had seen her husband smiling in sleep. When the Prime Minister was asked today morning, the first thing he said was “Children, Salman and Shahrukh are the future of the nation. Wish you all a Happy Children’s Day”

Another future of the nation Ravindra Jadeja was also into news after a long time for a valid reason. He said “Shahrukh and Salman are like elder brothers to me. Shahrukh had seen my cricketing skills and said main bahut duur tak jaunga. Salman also had send Sandhi Sudha via Govinda when I had knee injury”. He signed off saying “They both think I should be in Team India and I too think so”

Rakhi Sawant who had earlier claimed that she would distribute sweets if Jab Tak hai Jaan becomes hit was also into news. She screamed “These are my two assets” in a vacant news conference. When two reporters ran in in anticipation, “Shahrukh and Salman !”, she blushed. She had never looked more gorgeous.

“I am also agree to patching up with SRK, I am too maintain friendship with him” (sic) said KRK, but refused to comment when asked about his patching up with Dolly Bindra.