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SRK rigged Indian rupee for box office record

06, Sep 2013 By Nitin Jain

Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan has been found responsible for rigging Indian Rupee. Faking-News revealed this after a thorough investigation.

Shahrukh, who is known for his marketing style, did this to beat world wide box office collection record of his arch rival Aamir Khan. Aamir’s Three Idiots (2009) had made 392 crores world wide with a significant collection from abroad. Devalued rupee helped Badshah in attaining the higher world wide collection with lesser ticket sale.

Chennai Express
Chennai Express

Shahrukh is known to apply similar strategy in domestic market by raising price in opening week to inflate box office collection. Tickets in domestic market were sold at 10-15% higher which helped in beating records of Ek Tha Tiger. An employee from production house said, on condition of anonymity, that Shahrukh was really worried that this might be his last chance to break rival’s records. He didn’t want to leave any dollar upturned.

Shahrukh has denied his involvement at any capacity. He said – “This is beyond my scope. I am just a common man”. Rohit Shetty was noticed animatedly whispering – “Don’t underestimate power of common man”.

Shetty, director of Chennai Express denied any knowledge about this but agreed that it has helped his movie budget. He said that he could sell all car debris in foreign market at same price at which he bought those second hand cars. Dollar appreciation has helped him enormously.

Talking to our correspondent, PC told- “Aawl is well. I have said this for long. Our country economics foundation is good. Our movies are doing better than any other BRIC economies”. Diggi Raja has refuted this news as baseless allegation sponsored by RSS.

He said he has known Shahrukh for over 60 years and he will never do such thing. “RSS has been causing rupee devaluation to destabilize country. Shahrukh’s Chennai Express is a hope for economy”, he added. Narendra Modi had denied to comment on it. He tweeted that Gujarati rupee can never be devalued.

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