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SRK responsible for Bombay Velvet flopping? Find out the real reason

27, May 2015 By पुरानी बस्ती

The grand period drama ‘Bombay Velvet’, based on the historian Gyan Praksh’s book ‘Bombay Fables’, has flopped on Box Office. It was declared a disaster by many, apart from giving revenge taking moment to Sir Ram Gopal Verma, who was feeling alone in the club of Top Disaster Movie Directors of Bollywood.

SRK used to feel anger when looking at this poster
SRK used to feel angry when looking at this poster

Everyone blamed various factors for this performance of Bombay Velvet, but people missed the actual reason behind this disaster – the evergreen love between SRK and KJO was on the verge of the break-up due to this movie.

KJO, who once told that there won’t be any movie of his without SRK, had broken his solemn promise by starring in Bombay Velvet, which did not have SRK even in guest appearance.

KJO, who once made fun of Anurag Kashyap, had somehow started liking his art of love film making, which put his relationship with SRK under strain, sources confirm.

Sources further say that SRK panicked when he heard about the KJO and AK’s venture starring Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor. It was then he thought about taking revenge from the people responsible for taking his love away from him.

SRK knew very well that if the movie became successful, he’ll never get his loving KJO back. SRK hired critics and spent money like anything and critics gave zero poor rating to the film, and paid viewers started talking negative about the film.

That’s how the film flopped. Later we heard KJO was seen at SRK’s bungalow last night… as someone has said , “Everything is fair in love and war.”