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Sony Vix - A Brand new TV channel from Sony; Tusshar Kapoor will be the Brand Ambassador

21, Apr 2015 By shane

Mumbai : Multi Screen Media (MSM), which owns a bunch of Sony branded TV channels like Sony TV,Max, Mix, Pix, Six, Kix, Dix, Lix, Fix etc, announced a brand new TV channel Sony Vix, which will be on air in the second quarter of 2015.

Logo of the new channel
Logo of the new channel

Manjit Singh, CEO of MSM, has said that decision came after a series of research conducted on Television viewers. The logo and slogan of new channel will be decided soon. Famous Healthcare company Vicks has signed a long term contract with the company. As per terms, channel will be named after Vix as an acronym of Vicks and will also promote Vicks products.

The CEO has explained in details about the concept- Sony Vix. “We are in this field for a long time. We know there is a stiff competition between channels for higher TRPs. In this race, we often forget that viewers also need attention. In recent months there was a gradual decline in TV viewers due to a big impact of Internet. So we have decided to study their behaviour. The results were shocking. A major segment of TV viewers were disappointed with TV, and they shifted to Internet. Boring Daily soaps, Untolerable Hindi commentary in live cricket matches specially by Navjot Siddhu, Dubbed south movies in Hindi movie channels, Irritating news stories in News channels eg : Arnab’s show in Times Now, Stupid ads were some of the reasons which caused headache for viewers. So we came to the conclusion that, its now time to change the way we watch TV.”

Reasons why people were not watching TV anymore

He explained further. “Then comes the idea of Sony Vix, a new channel which will solve all current problems faced by TV viewers. As the name says, it will heal all the pains caused by past experience. Vix is a general entertainment channel which will also air news bulletins and live sports events. It will broadcast live IPL matches with Hindi commentary, where Siddhu’s cranky jokes and and shayaris will be muted. News bulletins without Arnab’s voice, to ensure that his fans will watch news reports without irritation. The screen will be completely blackout enabling only audio during the telecast of TV soaps, between 7pm and 11pm. This will save a lot of time for women so that they can focus more on cooking and other important things. It was planned after a huge demand from married men. We will air pure Hindi films only. Dubbed south films will continue in SET MAX (South EnTertainment MAXimum). Following steps of Airtel Zero and Internet.org, Vix will also start a new premium subscription service, where viewers can select and omit movies and shows as per their choice. This way they can avoid disasters like Sooryavansham and CID, but they need to pay extra for movies starring Shah Rukh Khan (Due to a contract between Sony and Red Chillies).”

Tusshar Kapoor has been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Sony Vix. Manjit revealed how they came to Tusshar and no other biggies of Bollywood. ” Tushhar is a great actor who proved that voice is not a yardstick in measuring one’s talent. His movies flopped whenever he talked. When he stopped talking in Golmaal, he became popular. We will utilize his success story for Vix. He will reprise his role as a Dumb for our channel programs. You will see him hosting IPL events,doing  commentary in Hindi,readng news bulletins. Vicks will get a huge portion during commercial breaks, showing ads ranging from products like eye cooler, pain remover sprays, Headache balms etc.”

We hope that their new endeavour become a successful one, and will give a tough competition to rivals. It looks like a new revolution is coming to your Idiot Box.