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SONY - SAB gets show cause notice

10, Dec 2013 By anjumskhan

After hearing the Delhi assembly polls’ lone independent candidate’s claim to get deputy cm post, mental doctors association (MDA) has visited the traumatized candidate.

On being asked what inspired him to lose his mental balance and ask Modi to visit him and give him deputy CM post, he gave reasons which baffled doctors further.

He told that he is highly i inspired by KBC where normal humans become millionaire overnight by replying some questions then he wondered why he can’t ? MDA still can’t see the logic of question-answer and deputy cm post application. So on further questioning he replied if BJP conducts question answer session before recruiting him in their brigade then he can pass it.

For example he said if NaMo asks questions like ‘What Khooni Panja means ? Who is Italian Lady ? Who is Pappu ? and above all Who is FEKU ?’, he can answer very easily. He is an avid reader of FakingNews so his knowledge is always up to date.  MDA doctors only gasped in awe and couldn’t believe his theory and hence requested home ministry to send police to help their investigations.

On seeing police he confessed further that he is also avid fan of Cyrus Sahukar game show “Sab Khelo Sab Jeeto” aired on Sab TV. The punch line “Sab Khelo Sab Jeeto” raised his killer instincts further and he decided to play election-election. When AAP, BJP, CONGRESS can play election-election, then being a democratic country, why he can’t, leaving police too a bit confused but after seeing the logic they were convinced.

MDA after discussing the matter with police and NaMo/Dr. Harshwardhan has written a letter to broadcasting ministry to send show-cause notice asking Sony and Sab Tv on “Why KBC and SAB KHELO SAB JEETO” must not be banned ?

Sony, Sab TV has instead sent show-cause notice to MDA asking “Why FPA govt which is instead playing ‘kaun banayega rahul ko pm’ doesn’t get banned till date ?”

Further details are awaited regarding this. (PTI)