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After Sonu Nigam, Tushhar Kapoor poses as a beggar on a Mumbai Street without make up, earns more than his last 3 films remunerations in a day

19, Jul 2016 By honestcritic

Mumbai. After the famous Sonu Nigam stint on a YouTube channel disguised as a beggar, one of the most successful stars’ kid Tushhar Kapoor went on the streets posing as a beggar without any make up and as per our sources his earnings of a day were far more than his last three films.

A very elated looking Tushhar in an exclusive interview with our reporter said:

Tushar Kapoor begging in attitude
Tushar Kapoor begging in attitude

“I am very happy with my performance and I would like to thank all the good hearted Mumbaikars for their kindness and support”. Upon inquiring about this idea he replied, “I was checking a YouTube video recently and stumbled upon this idea. Considering my talent and natural looks, I could connect to the larger audience here and I earned a whooping amount. I am considering to continue this as my profession.”

Turns out this is a new business in the industry for all such talented star kids. An advertising agency is now rooting for such talented star kids and promises them to provide career guidance and support for this upcoming industry. An insider of this advertising firm on the condition of anonymity informed that the firm is now being chased by all the talented star kids of the industry including the big names like Abishek Bachhan, Tiger Shroff, Jacky Bhagnani, Uday Chopra, Esha Deol, Adhyayan Suman and Sonakshi Sinha are also considering of trying their luck in this new star kid business.

As per the industry experts, this may result in putting the common beggars out of business. A street beggar on a Bandra signal with his empty bowl complaint to his union that Tushhar Kapoor has earned all the tips for that day. In fact, looking at his natural talent, people queued up on the signal to help this talented actor with huge tips.

Well, all we can say is the talent always pays. Looking forward to more such star kids adopting this industry and make us proud.