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Sonakshi Sinha to take advice from her Dad to lose weight

27, Aug 2013 By Ashwin

Tired of giving fake and ridiculous replies to the media and fans, Sonakshi Sinha has decided to consult her father in the matters of losing weight.

When contacted, her Secretary confirmed the news “Yes, it’s true that Madamji is taking advice from Sir to lose some weight. He also added that Madamji misunderstood the compliments given by her fabsand media that she was the “Girl next door”, which basically meant that she never had great or for that matter even average looks to qualify her as an actress, but Madamji thought that it’s a compliment to her for being so polite and open to her fans and media.

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi wants to look perfect like this.

Her secretary also added that Madmaji`s looks right from “Dabangg” to” Once upon a time in Mumbai” are so familiar that Madamji feels that all the movies are the sequel of the previous ones and hence Madamji maintained only one tempo of acting fearing that her best work would take her character out of the place as far as her previous movies are concerned.

Meanwhile, we have also learned that Mr. Shatrugan Sinha has been giving his daughter Rs 6 everyday so that she eats only half plate food as his friend Mr. Raj Babbar said that the full course meal comes for Rs12.

Her Secretary also added that recently a few kids at a party called Madamji as

“Aunty” to which Madamji was so shattered that she seriously decided to lose weight. Madamji has cut down her meal to 6 eggs and 3glass of milk for breakfast 10 Kheema Paratha and 2 full mutton Biryani for lunch. And her dinner consists of only 4 Grilled Sandwiches.

Her secretary also said that God has been very unfair to Madamji, even after going for such a reduced diet course, Madamji has not been losing weight. He further added that consistent probing of people to Madamji about her weight has made Madamji feel that her weight issue is now a matter of National concern and she doesn’t wants to disappoint our country and she is also a daughter of a politician.

We also learned that when Sonakshi asked her dad “ki koi agar mujhe mere weight ke bare mein pooche toh kya jawab du”? To which Mr. Shatrugan Sinha in his typical accent said “Ki pooche toh keh dena ki Chenu aaya tha”