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Sonakshi Sinha bags role in Fast and Furious 7

05, Nov 2013 By fakemale

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha has reportedly bagged a role for Fast and Furious 7. After Looteramany predicted that Sonakshi will be going places but we didn’t expect it to be this quick.

After Kangana Ranaut, Chitrangda Singh, Deepika and Sonakshi were screen-tested for the seventh installment of Fast and Furious series, word is out that Bollywood’s eight-lane highway was chosen for the role. It is been said that she will play a significant part in this fast paced Vin Diesel thriller

Sonakshi showing talent is not everything.
Sonakshi showing talent is not everything.

The movie also stars Hollywood stars Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson. The film will probably hit the theatres in 2014.

Currently, Sonakshi is shooting for AR Murugadoss’s Holiday in Goa along with Akshay Kumar. It is been said that the paperwork for Sonakshi to sign Fast and Furious is in the process. It will mostly be a six months contract for the actress. However, she is not allowed to give us any details of the project so we may have to wait much longer for more details.

James Wan the director of the movie, gave a telephonic interview to faking news reporter and concurred this news. He said, “This time I want to try something dissimilar than the earlier FnF movies. We were looking for a real life actor, I personally met with quite a few actresses around the world. No ambiguity, they were ‘Hot and Sexy’ but I wanted someone who has proven fast and furious in the real life. So after a long discussion with my production team we have finalized Sonakshi, despite receiving bad reviews, pitiable looks, inferior dancing she is able to repetitively bag movies which proves her intangible talent. Uncertainly she is oblivious about the latest fashion, an FnF actor has to be ‘rough and tough’ like her. I am very optimistic that the audience will love her character”.

Report asked his second question, “Does she have to wear those sexy and raunchy looking short dresses – trade mark of FnF actress?

James replied, initially we gave a couple of dresses to her for the screen test but later we dropped the idea after we notice that the given dresses were ragged.

Report asked his third question, “It has been said that Mr. Shotgun has requested you to cast his teddy daughter in your movie” is it true?

James replied, it’s not like that I do not know Mr. Shotgun, he has a very esoteric personality, and we have met couple of times on cruise vacation. He used to brag that his daughter is a ‘Hollywood Material’, I am just trying to clear his misconception and save the world’s audience. – – What a Nobel cause!

Fast & Furious 7 is still zooming along at a reckless pace (more car puns!), but – much like Wan insinuated – the project isn’t starting from scratch, so much as the cast and producers are waiting on the new director to get settled in mid-flight. So long as everyone involved remembers the key ingredients – which have allowed this franchise to continue thriving creatively and entertaining audiences – then, Fast & Furious 7 should turn out decent (at the least).