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Sonakshi demands swing used by Deepika in the song ‘Lovely’; producers apprehensive about ceiling strength

25, Sep 2014 By vandy3007

She can swing?
She can swing?

Mumbai: After watching, what can be termed as one of the hottest hip gyrating item song of the year, ‘Lovely’ from the yet to be released movie ‘Happy New Year’, Bollywood female actors are eager to showcase their sensual side through item songs. The latest to confirm is Sonakshi Sinha.

Sonakshi has demanded that she use the same swing that was used by Deepika Padukone in her item song. “You can see how easily she was able to flaunt her body and sway around, giving a multi-angle view to everyone. That is exactly what I wish to prove as my sexy side has always been debated,” she quoted. “To do this I am very persistent on having the same swing that was used in the song.”

However, production house, Green Chilli Pepper (who are producing her next film) are disquieted by the demand as they have to thoroughly estimate the load bearing capacity of the swing and the ceiling before enacting the same. A spokesperson from the production house said, “It’s an interesting idea to bring a swing for her but we don’t wish to take chances. We are in touch with Crane Co. to help us accomplish Sonakshi’s dream lift..I mean dance.”

If all goes well, Bollywood might be lucky to witness a gravity defying dance of a very high ‘magnitude.’