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Some "Kick" missing from the box office collections of movie but "Bhai Rocx"

30, Jul 2014 By khakshar

Salman Khan starer “Kick” has collected at maximum Rs. 83 Crores in it’s first three days of opening. Trade pundits had predicted more collection in the first three days of the opening than Shahrukh Starer “Chennai Express” and Dhoom 3.

Much was expected due to 5000+ screen domestic gross of the movie and the special  effect on Salman and Eid combine. “While it’s first day collection was less than “Ek Tha Tiger”, it’s first 3 day collection was less than the Rs. 100 Crores collection of Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express”  said Mr. Padarsh, the famous film trade analyst.

Talking to the correspondent over Popcorn, the much revered analyst clarified that the overall collection may be near about or slightly less than that of “Chennai Express”.

Kick movie by Salman Khan
Poster of Kick

Many reasons are being cited by Bhai Fans for the fall in collections beyond the expected lines. Some were quick to point out that Uttar Pradesh government engineered disturbance so that Bhai’s film’s collection  suffered. It must be in public knowledge that on non remittance of his fees at Saifai Mahotsav, Bhai was peeved.

His appearance with the then Gujarat Chief Minister also added to the fuel. The Samajwadis saw to it that Salman’s film does not get a good opening in UP , alleged a fan of Salman Khan. Another fan who was dressed like his Idol and seemed to be of nearly the same age as Salman but with a balding head a a portly belly blamed Congress for the not so perfect opening of the film.

He said that in Haryana, people are disenchanted with Hooda as their leader and were confused him with Randeep hooda  as in the Credits of the film. He alleged that Congress high command deliberately  did not change the Haryana CM after the deliberations in after math of  General Elections. His wife and kids who were standing near him seemed perplexed when he told he was five years elder to Bhai when the correspondent asked about his age.

Another fan blamed the BJP and it’s moral policing in Goa as one of the reasons. His view on the self acclaimed Guardians of our culture regard “Hangover’ were too lucid to be printed. Of course we at faking News pride ourselves as Family News Journal. Another blamed the Shia Maulana  ready to raise a one Lakh army to oppose the terrorist ISIS operating in Iraq and Syria.

The Lucknow Maulana seems to have lured a section of Bhai’s fans.Yet another fan was upset with the production house “Nadiawala Grandsons”. He questioned their wisdom in asking Emran Hashmi to promote the film by selling ticket. Emraan was meanwhile also promoting his own film called “Raja  BanarLal”. This fan was livid that whenever Emran pronounced “Kick” , it sounded like “Kiss” to many, Emran best assets of acting .

Meanwhile a certain camp in Mumbai threw a lavish last Iftar party on Monday  once the news was clear that the film had failed to gross Rs. 100 Crores in first three days. An actress with Helipad like fore head  has also been seen doing the rounds of Temples, though none of her movies is slated to be released in near future.

Just before going to the Press- the movie collected Rs. 20 Crores on Monday (fourth day) and matched Krish-3 , which had collected the 100 Crore figure on   4th day  and then peaked up. Tuesday being Eid and 5th day on screen,the collections may gear up. Box office  and peoples’ mood seems to be like the films dialogue “Samajh me ham .. dil.. aate…”